Soleme is a toilet seat sanitizer and deodorizer perfect for your toilet hygiene.

It can be used in any washroom over the seats, flush, door knobs etc.

Soleme is a perfect addition to your home hygiene as well as travel hygiene. It protects you from all kinds of infections caused by toilet germs.

Soleme is a health hygiene product designed for both genders of all ages. Germs never check gender and so do we!

Soleme fits perfectly in a small purse, making it the best travel friendly hygiene kit!

It takes 10 seconds after spraying to dry off killing all the germs and bacteria.

Soleme Toilet Sanitizer is a 100% safe and effective health hygiene product. It is a natural proven solution san any side-effects.

Just shake, spray and use. It dries off instantly and kills 99.99 % germs in just 10 seconds.

50 ml / 30gm.

Toilet seats are bed for harmful bacteria which is not visible to naked eyes. So, even if it looks clean and posh, spraying Soleme makes it 99.99% germs free.

Soleme protects you against viral infections, bacteria and urinary diseases. It also prevents bathroom borne UTI and diarrhea. So, where safety is concerned, Soleme is a must!

You can spray it in their toilets and keep their toilet safe and fresh.

Shake the bottle. Spray the disinfectant. Let it Dry for 10 seconds.

You can spray it once or twice a day in your home toilet given it is not used by your roommates.

Ideally, you should spray it each time you enter a public toilet.