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We always neglected the fact that maintaining self hygiene is also equally important as keeping our surroundings clean. But, amidst this COVID-19 outbreak people have got more conscious about maintaining personal hygiene also apart from keeping our surroundings clean and sanitized. The basic hand sanitizer which we rarely purchased is now getting out of stock due to its demand. Never thought that the thing we hardly used to buy is of so much importance nowadays.

It’s very often that we use our cellphones a lot these days. As many corporates have shut their workspaces and have made their employees work from home to be safe from this outbreak, most of the work is now done over phones and laptops.

With coronavirus showing no signs of letting go, one of the basic ways to protect yourself from getting infected is by keeping your hands sanitized and face clean. It is understood that keeping a constant vigilance over it is not possible but something has to be done.  Keeping your phone sanitized is another smart way to keep germs off your fingertips. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers your phone a “high-touch-surface,” which could make it a carrier of the virus. But cleaning your phone thoroughly, we mean is not as straightforward as it might seem. There are all sorts of nooks and crannies, delicate glass and intricate protective cases.

 What we shouldn’t do?

We do buy very expensive phones nowadays and while thinking of cleaning it we might even think twice that this will affect my phone. The answer is yes, it might, if the technique used and the disinfectant used is not proper.

Moisture is the main culprit when it comes for improper functionality of your phone. It may interfere with the micro parts of your phone and damage them. It is wisely recommended to avoid using spray cleaners or heavy-duty products to keep your phone clean. But how is this possible? Because you need your phone for working and also want it clean.

What should we do?

You can keep your phone clean by gently wiping it with an isopropyl alcohol spray. A Solemé Toilet Seat Sanitizer is of much use when it comes to isopropyl alcohol spray. Some might even get confused by the name it suggests, but please don’t go by the name. It’s a normal sanitizer that helps to sanitize various surfaces without damaging them. It is much effective over any surface you may come in contact with.

Apart from using sanitizer, it is recommended that one should use disposable hand gloves to clean and disinfect the surface. Once this job is done, one must dispose of the gloves and clean your hands thoroughly. Also while cleaning the phone, the phone’s case is also the most important one to disinfect. Wipe it down, in and out, through and through. Let it dry before reassembling it.

You might also consider changing a bit of your behavior. We suggest sharing photos through texts, instead of passing the phone around, and using devices like headphones and technology like Bluetooth to keep your phone away from your face.

Why should we do so?

We always like to go for the best and at this hour this might be the best thing one can do all day long. This outbreak is fast-moving and research is, by nature, slow to catch up. As a result,we don’t  know exactly how long the virus can cling to a surface, but evidence suggests it could be hours to days.

As it is well said,

Safety is always better than sorry.

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