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Being Honest how many times it has happened that you use toilet paper on a toilet seat while using a public toilet? I don’t know if any men do this or not, but it is a common practice among women. Even though a woman enters an extremely clean toilet she might still practice the same before sitting on a toilet seat.

Mahatma Gandhiji has rightly said, “So long as you do not take the broom and the bucket in your hands, you cannot make your towns and cities clean.” Most of the time we have always seen that our mother always keeps the house clean. If there is even a little amount of dirt, it bothers her a lot. So if a woman works so much to keep the house clean and tidy she might anyway expect that whenever she uses any public place that must be also clean and hygienic. But, this is not the case sometimes. She might use a public restroom and she won’t find it clean and tidy enough. This will make her think twice before even actually using the restroom. To avoid sitting on an unhygienic toilet seat they end up squatting over the seat or they make use of tissue papers. Still, this is an uncommon and unhygienic practice. As squatting for a longer time might end up with thighs paining and use of tissue papers over the toilet seat will not end up killing the germs that are present over the seat.

Various big malls, Multiplexes, hotels, and even nowadays offices have dedicated staff to look after the washrooms and maintain its hygiene. But do we really trust them? Because the way we use toilet papers over the seat says everything about how much we trust them. It may happen that what actually looks clean might not be germ-free. It is therefore recommended that we carry our own personal hygiene protection. 

Women are more likely to fall prey to UTI than men and hence for them, it is necessary to maintain personal hygiene. We may often ignore this topic considering it to be very much small, but the infections caused due to this cannot be neglected. 

The use of tissue paper might be a temporary solution but it is in need that a permanent solution must be invented to overcome this problem of UTI. A Toilet Seat Sanitizer is an ultimate solution to this problem. It is much easier to use a toilet seat sanitizer and it is also effective enough. This sanitizer is also pocket-friendly and moreover it is affordable and easily available.

Solemé has come up with a  toilet seat sanitizer that is easy to use and very effective. You just have to spray the sanitizer over the seat,  wait for some time and the toilet is ready for use. Solemé assures to give you a germ-free experience whenever you wish to use a public toilet.

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