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Learning something new has never been so boring. While we were in school we always had the urge to learn something new every day. Every day was a new beginning for us. Apart from all the academic subjects, there were various other things that still remind me of my school days like arts, craft, physical training, dance tutorials, etc. Little were we aware that we have also been told by our teachers to keep our surroundings clean but we always paid the least interest to it. Apart from keeping our surroundings clean, it is also necessary that we look up to our personal hygiene.

Mr. Narendra Modi, our honorable Prime Minister has rightly quoted that, “Cleanliness and good Sanitation in schools is a matter of high importance.” Hence, it is necessary to maintain good hygiene at schools also. Apart from maintaining the classrooms and lobby area clean and sanitized, it is in need and necessity that students must be encouraged to keep the restrooms also clean and sanitized.

Restrooms in schools are used by a hundred students every day. Each and every visit to the washrooms invites lots of bacteria, thus making the washroom quite unsafe to use. This bacteria can prove much harmful to small children and possibly they may get infected with Urinary Tract Diseases. Thus it is a necessity that students must be taught about toilet hygiene so that they can keep themselves away from the germs causing UTI.

Tips for maintaining a hygienic toilet:

  • Every activity has its own pros and cons. It is necessary that students must be enlightened on the pros and cons of keeping the washrooms neat and sanitized.
  • Awareness drives must be conducted in schools on topics like UTI to make children learn about the harmful effects of getting infected with the disease. They should be made aware of the symptoms of the disease too.
  • Proper cleaning staff must be appointed to keep the washrooms neat and sanitized. They must see to it that the washroom is also made available with an adequate amount of toilet sanitizer, handwash, toilet papers, and water. This helps in giving a germ-free experience to the children.
  • Students must also be made aware of the various positive effects of the use of Toilet Seat Sanitizer. It is the most effective and easy way to clean and sanitize the toilet seat. It is also pocket-friendly and very much affordable. 

Students nowadays are burdened already much with various lectures lets not give the same experience while sitting on a toilet seat. We at Solemé wish to give students a Germ-free experience. Also, it is advisable for parents and guardians also to follow these steps at home as a child learns more at home than in school. 

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