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While the sweaty summers get all the hygiene attention, the wearisome winters are often neglected. In winters the dull dry skin mounts to the peak. The freezing chills fear the touch of water. And cold and flu soar the score. As such, winter hygiene becomes a real deal!

Here are the women winter hygiene hacks to breeze through the chilling winters –

  1. Wash your hands more often
    Even if the cold water makes you cringe, don’t hesitate washing your hands. With flu and fever in the air, be sure to keep your hands germ-free. Wash your hands especially before meals and after handshakes. Try to scrub your hands for 20 seconds. This protects you from communicable diseases. Especially from cold, cough, laryngitis and pharyngitis.
  2. Dry and Moisturize
    Winters bring along the dull and dry skin woes. So make sure to dry your hands properly after wash. Apply hand creams and moisturizers whenever the skin feels dry.
  3. Keep the sanitizer handy
    Winters bring along a host of germs. So, keep the sanitizer handy for all those times when a quick round to the washroom is not possible.
  4. Stay Hydrated
    In winters, you won’t feel as thirsty as in summers. But make sure to keep a count of your daily water intake. Reduced water intake will make your skin dry further. It also causes urine infections and allergies. Staying hydrated flushes out toxins from the body. So, make sure to keep a constant tab on your water intake.
  5. Follow Washroom Hygiene
    Keep the bathroom as clean as possible. Don’t let the germs breed on the toilet seat and bite you on the butt. You may use Soleme’s toilet sanitizer for the instant germ-free toilet. Carry the Soleme sanitizing spray in your purse for all the public washroom visits.
  6. Ensure Peeing etiquettes
    In winters, an infection will become more irksome under all the layers of your clothing. So, make sure you follow the right peeing etiquettes to avoid an infection. Don’t hold your pee for long. Stay hydrated. Use Soleme toilet sanitizer. Relax and pee. Wipe from front to back.   
  7. Take Regular bath  
    The winters will make you feel sluggish and lazy. But don’t skip your daily bathing regime. Bathing removes the dry cells that get accumulated. Also, wash your privies properly. Don’t apply soap down there. Wash with warm water.  
  8. Caress your intimates
    We all know that we should wear cotton undies in summer. But the rule remains the same even in winters. With so many layers of clothing on your shoulders, make sure your second skin is soft and light. You may also try sleeping without an undie. It keeps the vagina dry and germ-free.
  9. Dip in a sunbath
    Go for an early morning sun-soaking session. It provides the body with essential Vitamin D. It is a well-known natural immune-booster. This keeps common diseases and infections at bay. Try to go for at least twenty minutes of early morning sunbathing. Here early morning is crucial as you don’t want to burn the skin from the mid-day sun.
  10. Eat Right
    Eat right and Hygiene? Yes, to your surprise there is a deep connection between the two. From combating bad breath to removing body odour, food has a lot to do with health and hygiene.  Eat lots of fresh foods, root vegetables and whole grains. Add prebiotics and probiotics like rice and yogurt to your daily diet.
  11. Wash your hair
    It’s feels excruciating to wash the hair in winters. But its necessary. With dandruff and dry scalp creeping in regular hair wash becomes vital. This also protects you from fungal and bacterial infections. Washing your hair twice a week unclogs the pores of scalp, reduce itching and wash away the dirt and dandruff.

With these simple hacks, you can breeze through the winters hale and healthy. Happy Winters!!!!

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